Love Books Exchange: Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes

Ah hello! I hate making excuses but I know I have been away for a long, long time now. So it feels to go straight into the post without a short preamble. We’ve had a terrific time in all this time (more on that later), but one of the things that we have done in all this time is discover the world of children’s literature! In the past 6 months we have built our home library book by book, adding resources to my story sessions and designing easy-to-do book related activities. The latter, as I discovered is a fun thing to do. As adults when we read we internalise the reading experience by our thoughts. For children the experience of reading a book must be extended beyond the reading the story. Children are wired to make connections. They like to decode the world around them and in an attempt to make sense of it they have an innate ability to connect the dots. So when Educators Spin On It decided to host the #lovebooks summer exchange we jumped right in! We sent Rashmi a book and package. I didn’t blog about it because I waited for her to receive and review it first. I will share my ideas on a separate blog later. Here is what Rashmi thought about the package On-board the Mommyship sent her. It was our turn! The lovely Bubble Ink and I were paired and voila! She was right…V (we) instantly fell in love with the book she sent us! Bubble Ink chose Eric Litwin’s supercool cat Pete and sent us the book Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes 20140729-072115.jpg Bubble Ink sent us 5 activities with the book. I loved the way she packaged it all in neat zip lock pouches. Her labelling was uniform and hand written. She also gave us an extensive guide to the activities. I hid the activity pouches from V because I know he would jump on them! But of course we began by reading the book. So what’ s the book about? 20140729-071745.jpg

Pete the Cat is an awesome cat who loves his white shoes. He loves them so much that he walks in them singing his favourite song. I love my white shoes I love my white shoes I love my white shoes The book blurb describes the author as: Eric Litwin (Mr Eric) is a guitar-strumming, song-singing, banjo-picking, tale-telling, harmonica -blowing, national-award-winning folksy type of guy. Eric Litwin has a version of the shoe song…but since I didn’t want to go and look it up in the midst of our reading, I made up one of my own!

V loves music. And over a period of time I have noticed that he loves the books in which I sing. I am not much of a singer but while telling a story and reading a book, I like humming, or making up a song from the words of the book. Sometimes when we don’t want to read books we sing them too! Yes…the whole of it! I Love My White Shoes therefore was an easier song to sing. Needless to say that while doing the activity, V sang the song while we went over replacing the shoes. The first activity that we did after reading the book was re telling the story. Bubble Ink gave us wonderful felt cut outs of Pete the Cat and his white, red, blue and brown shoes. We re-read the story, sang the song and did our own re telling. 20140729-080922.jpg I would have ideally liked to do one activity a day, but my little enthu-cutlet had other ideas. Next up, we tried our hand at the lacing activity. Now I have been planning to make lacing activities for V. When he was a bit younger I made one using an egg carton and pipe cleaner. But then I was looking for a more durable material. Bubble Ink gave us shoe cut outs in a plasticky material which definitely is a ‘must have’ for us now. 20140729-083329.jpg Since this was V’s first time, he struggled a bit to understand the activity.like any other independent toddler he wanted to figure it out himself. This one needs some more rounds of practice. The third activity for the evening was colour matching. Bubble Ink gave us. Wonderful deck of colour sorting cards…with coloured shoes and matching coloured objects. V is good with colour sorting and he didn’t need help in this one. He loved it though and we did this activity several times after our first attempt. 20140729-083756.jpg We often carry our books, toys and activities to the dining table. They are perfect accompaniments to the (sometimes fussy) little eater. We keep those hands busy and the mouth opens up to whatever is on the plate! So one fine day at the breakfast table we did the fourth activity of paint the shoes. Which toddler doesn’t love the exercise of dipping his fingers in a pot of paints? Dip, dip, dip and splitter, splatter across the drawings…V loved to get his hands messy with the paints. 20140729-084641.jpg The fifth activity where mommy had to cut out Pete and his shoes from felt was not as much a winner. V preferred the Velcro version as Bubble Ink made in her kit because they stuck and stayed. He enjoyed the whole exercise of sticking and peeling the shoes from the Velcro dots. Bubble Ink was right…Pete the Cat is an excellent story for my sessions and currently out is reigning as one of V’s favourites. We replay the activities of shoe lacing, re telling and colour sorting while we croon…“I Love my white shoes …because it’s all good! A special thanks to Educators Spin On It for facilitating the books exchange! 20140729-120052.jpg