Googly, Frudolf & Secret Santa

Googly, Frudolf & Secret Santa
Googly wanted a pet, really, really badly.

Most of his friends in class had pets at home; they told so many pet stories at school.

Sunny would say, “My parrot said ‘I love you’ to me”

Vikky would always boast that Max his dog wagged his tail when Vikrant returned from school.

And Pixie, Poppy’s cat slept next to her in her bed!

Poor Googly had no pet and so he had no pet stories to tell.

So one morning at the breakfast table Googly asked his mother, “Maa, can I have a pet too?”

Maa looked at Googly and said, “And what would you want? A dog, a cat, some fishes perhaps?”

Googly sat thinking, chewing his toast silently.

“I want a Reindeer…just like Santa!” he said.

“Oh! We must ask Grandpa Santa for it? After all he has the best Reindeers in the world!” said his mother.

So with Christmas still far away, Googly decided to write a letter to Grandpa Santa!

Dear Grandpa Santa,

Thank you for the all the lovely books and toys that you leave me every year. The car that you gave me last year is my favourite toy! This year, do you think you can gift me a Reindeer? One…just like Rudolf?

Now Christmas was a few months away, would Santa then grant him his wish?

Frudolf the Reindeer!

Frudolf the Reindeer!

One night as Googly was sleeping in his bed, he heard a soft scratch on the glass window. He woke up rubbing his eyes and went to the balcony. He pushed it open and there out on the ledge was a sack…that was moving!!

Google touched the sack. It stopped moving and out popped a tiny head with sticks on it! There were two twinkling eyes, blinking and looking back at Googly.

Googly rubbed his eyes. And then his eyes grew big, big and bigger!

“Santa has sent me a Reindeer!!!”

Googly touched the reindeer gingerly…scared and anxious at the same time. He touched its nose and the reindeer let out a soft cooo!

The reindeer poked Googly in the rib with his horns and Googly burst out laughing!

Maa found Googly and the reindeer in bed the next morning!

At the breakfast table, Baba asked Googly, “So have you thought of a name for him?”

“Frudolf!!” said Googly, “You know like Rudolf, Santa’s Reindeer! He has a red nose too!” he said touching Frudolf’s nose.

Frudolf twitched his nose and poked Googly in the ribs…making Googly burst out into peals of laughter!

From that day…Googly and Frudolf became best friends!

They’d eat together…Googly would eat his cereal while Frudolf would munch leaves from Maa’s favourite  flower pot!

They’d play together…hide and seek where Frudolf would never find a place to hide! His horns gave away his hiding place every single time!

They’d race together…doing the Reinder Trot. But Frudolf would win it always! And every time Googly made a loser face, Frudolf would poke him to get him to start laughing.

Frudolf and Googly had a special Reinder Tap dance. And every time they were happy they go Tip, Tap, Toe, Toe, Tap, Tip Hop Skip

Summer turned to autumn, autumn to winter. Googly by now had a new Frudolf story to tell his friends every day! He told them about the time when Frudolf and Googly went to visit Santa and meet the other Elves, and how Googly had the entire Disney land to himself…and how they met some of Googly’s favourite characters from books!

Googly and Frudoolf were a team.

Googly & Frudolf!

Googly & Frudolf!

Now it was nearly time for Christmas and suddenly Frudolf was sad. He was missing home.

“I am a big reindeer now! I want to go back home. I want to ride with Santa this Christmas,” he told Googly.

“But doesn’t he have his eight 8 reindeers already? Why would he pick you?” asked the boy! Googly was confused. Why did Frudolf want to go back to Santaland suddenly! Wasn’t this his home?

“Why do you want to go back anyway?” he asked. “You live here, with me,” he whispered, biting his lip.

Frudolf went and poked Googly in the tummy. The boy turned and smiled.

“It’s every reindeer’s dream Googly!” said Frudolf. “We all want to ride with Santa, go all around the world, give gifts to little children. Make them happy.”

“Yes, all the good children,” said Googly, “The one’s in the “good children’ list, I know, I have always been on the list,” he added with a big smile now.

“Yes, Googly. But there are many children who are good but are not Santa’s list!” said Frudolf.

“How can that be? Santa gives gifts to all the good children, doesn’t he?” asked Googly.

“Santa is only but an old man, Googly. He has only one night before Christmas to give gifts away, how can he reach everyone? In fact, there are many children who don’t know Santa exists!” said the reindeer.

Googly had never heard of any child who didn’t know of Santa! “How can that be, everyone knows Santa! And Santa doesn’t leave gifts for all children?” Googly was surprised!

“No, he doesn’t. And that makes him very sad. Every year the reindeers fly quicker, taking Santa to as many homes as we can, leaving behind gifts for little children. But even then there are so many they can’t visit,” said Frudolf.

Frudolf and Googly looked out of the window. “Wish we could do something about it,” said Frudolf.

And suddenly Googly had a brilliant idea!!

“If Santa can’t reach children’s home, why can’t we?” he said.

“What do you mean” asked Frudolf.

“I will be a little Santa, and you my reindeer,” said Googly, clapping and jumping at the same time.

“I have so many toys that I don’t play with anymore. There are so many clothes that I have grown out of. And there so many books that I don’t read anymore. I will give them away to children who need them now!” said Googly smiling.

“Oh! That’s a wonderful idea Googly! Children will call you the secret Santa!” said Frudolf.

Frudolf and Googly were so happy that they did their Reindeer Tap Dance!!

That night, Googly put on his Santa suit and flew with Frudolf on his sleigh, flying to homes of little children in homes that Santa didn’t know of.

And as little children slept, the Secret Santa left behind little gifts for them. His favourite bike, his baby rocking chair, his lovely summer hat that doesn’t fit anymore and the brown shoes Baba bought him, a size too small for his feet.

That night Googly, the Secret Santa slept with a smile on his face.


This is my first story written for Googly. Those of you who have read my blog since its inception know a lot about Googly 🙂 Would love to know what you think of it!

A special thanks to Chitra Soundar! Your practised hand at children’s writing helped me polish this.

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