The sun, the grass and the bonding

9:30 am is an unusual time to go for a walk in the park. It’s getting warmer now and there’s that occasional breeze that’s blowing hot and cold. It’s bright and sunny too. The sunlight’s harsh enough to make us squint.

We walked hand in hand to the park. It’s empty at this time of the day. The morning walks are long over and the children are away to school. And what bliss! The entire park is ours. It’s our own playground. Our own little universe where we can run, skip, roll over the grass and lie down. No one to stop us. No one to get in the way.

Mother and son, we did just that. We walked. He held my finger tight. Tugged me to run with him. We sat on bench and felt the wind in our hair. We sat on the grass and threw tufts at each other. We lay down and watched the breeze blow the trees branches.

He got up and walked to the branch that was at his arm’s length. Every time he’d go close, the branch would be swept away in a gush of wind. “Catch me if you can”, it seemed to say. He’d try to touch it and it would blow away again.

“Go on…you can touch it,” I encouraged him.

He’d try again and the branch would fly away. By now it was really playing with him.

He gave up. With a tiny, defeated grin on his face he walked to me. He tugged at my finger again. I got up and walked him to the tree. This time the branch obeyed and my little boy was thrilled to touch the leaves.

Happy with his little achievement he moved towards the flower bed. I’ve recently taught him to close his fingers and open them – showing the blossoming of a flower. He does his little charade and looks for a butterfly. He holds his thumb and forefinger together and gently moves his little hand to show me that a butterfly will come to the flower.

I’m pleased that he has learnt to make an association between a flower and a butterfly.

By now it’s time to go back home. He picks up a twig from the grass and I say, “Shall we take it for Baba?”

A twig won’t do. He looks around for something better. He spots a flower on the grass and picks it up to show me.

Yes…a flower will do!

Mother and son we spent about 20 minutes in the park. I can’t say what these minutes did to him…but for me it made my day!

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