Just another Mom…

As I watch my son grow up a little everyday I realise that the journey a woman makes from pregnancy to motherhood is truly, truly unpredictable! I had a few notions about motherhood. I mean I had heard about it from seasoned mommies, the list of course began from my own mother! “When you have a child, you will know!” Don’t all mothers love to say this?? But really, the one thing that I told myself when I discovered that I am pregnant is that I will enjoy this new phase of my life. I was ready for the changes in my body. I was ready to slow down. I was ready to think about myself before I thought about anyone else. I was ready to enjoy the little kicks and punches. I began talking to the baby. We called the baby Googly and I started sharing it with the world in Baby Talk!

By and by, Googly became the center of my universe. I started seeing the world differently. I started falling in love with the ‘little things that mattered’. I started having new ambitions, connected with my friends and my family. I learnt to enjoy the little joys in the world. I started breathing slowly. I started enjoying my days. Office wasn’t a strain anymore. I didn’t want to rush through a book. I wanted to spend more time home, cleaning it…after six years of neglect being a workaholic! All this was brought in by a small beating heart inside me. I felt responsible, I felt grown up and I felt beautiful!

Until Vihaan came, I wondered if I’d ever love anyone more than my parents and husband. I mean, is it really possible to make room for another human being? As Vihaan was born and I heard his first cry I realised that I didn’t have to do anything…he had already made his own space in my life. After all, he grew up right under my heart.

There are no rules in parenting. My parents taught me that by demonstration. I may win some, lose some. But whatever be the case, I plan to enjoy every bit of this new journey. Drop in sometime to say Howdy…I would love some words of encouragement, hear some of your own stories and experiences.


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