A Box of Colours & A Lifetime of Memories

Dear V,

I know how much you love your kalaloo. Yes, at two, that’s what you call colours, no matter where you see them. In the books, in your box of crayons, in your clothes, your play dough at the traffic light and almost everywhere else, you have an adorable habit of noting the colours.

Remember these lovely colourful pencils I gave you yesterday? You loved them from the moment you set your eyes on it. You will use them a lot over the next few weeks, and months, I hope. But let me tell you a little story about them.

Colour Pencil 1

Yesterday I parted with the colour pencil set that Baba (my and not yours) had bought me from England 18 years back. It was a big thing then. Not like you when you thanks to your Baba got your baby-friendly cloth rattler from Amsterdam and your first walkie-talkie from Singaoore (which as of this date you are yet to use). Back in the day I think that was Baba’s first international work trip and I remember being thrilled to bits waiting for him to return. Because every time Baba went on a trip, he always returned with gifts for Maa, my brother and me. So when he opened up his suitcase (which we bought for this trip), out came the goodies! Baba had bought us (Mama and me) three sets of these colour pencils. And when we were in school I used them to carefully colour my study maps. Mama, I suspect lost them in his boarding school. At least I don’t remember seeing his set. All the more reason why I guarded my colours from him! But you don’t need to learn that. Tomorrow, if you have a sibling, I would love you to share your things with your sibling. J

Colour Pencil 2

So this was the spare colour pencil set; so pretty it was that I loved seeing them packed and preserved. I am sure back then I never thought of you. I didn’t know that one day I would have a beautiful baby who would love playing with colours. I didn’t know that you would first display your ambidexterity with these very colours. Here my boy, enjoy your kalaloo. Go and paint your world. Gee, Lello & Pulpul these are just some of your favourite colours.

Colour Pencil 6

No need to preserve them like I did, because as you grow up you will need a lot many colours to brighten your life. Colour your days. Your growing up. Colour your childhood. Colour your memories and mine. Don’t worry, you will never run out of kalaloo. For, if they do, I will bring them all for you, my love.

Always Yours,



Give a child a box of colours and you will see the brightest smile as pretty as a rainbow.


10 thoughts on “A Box of Colours & A Lifetime of Memories

  1. This was such an amazingly cute post and a letter which I hope your son will read when he is around 15-16 yrs old.

    I have a little 2 yr old daughter myself and watching her play with her KARYONS as she calls her crayons is so much fun. Kids bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, don’t they?

    • Thanks Jairam,

      What I love about kids is that they find happiness in small things. And I agree it is such a joy to see them through the phase. I hope V reads this post and remembers these colours until then. 🙂

    • Thanks Disha, it just happened that these colours survived our childhood. And by the time my mother showed it me I had grown out of my need for them. But I love stationery. And they were always so pretty and perfectly pointed that I never got myself to open them up. V for now uses them a bit but what he enjoys more is rattling them against each other. These wooden stems make a lovely sound. I am of course worried he will break them!

      Thank you for reading Disha 🙂

  2. Lovely read! I have a similar set of Faber Castell pencil colors, lying untouched. But I dread giving them to my destructive little 5 year old – I know, I’m a mean Mum!!

    • Thanks Fabida 🙂

      Oh yes, we are mean mommies. I give V the colours for small periods during which I constantly watch over him, careful so that he doesn’t drop them. He loves to rattle them together though…you know how wood makes that lovely sound? I am paranoid that he will break them in the process. I quickly distract him and take them away. :p That’s what I call wicked!

    • Well he’s not ambidextrous really…just that he uses both his hands simultaneously to write sometimes. 🙂 And not that he writes to often. Its in these colouring sessions that I see him use his hands more.

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