I hate dog eared pages, stained pages, broken spines and books that show visible signs of disregard.  My heart goes out to books that are peddled in second hand book stores. To me, they are like ageing parents shunted out homes to fend for themselves. But like I don’t run an old-age home, I don’t go bringing second hand books every now and then. I need to be convinced that it is a rare, out of print book for me to be compelled enough to buy it.

Of course, this argument doesn’t hold true for books I have inherited from my parents. One of the perks of having parents who read is that some of those habits pass on in the genes. So all the good habits regarding reading and loving books have been seriously passed on. So when I see my two year old ripping up a spine I cringe in pain! This is the third book that he has managed fo rip apart despite my brave attempts to keep his exploratory claws away from them! V likes to read. Let’s say he likes to be read. He turns the pages, looks up pictures and sometimes makes up his own stories. But how do I teach him to be gentle with his books?


I try and buy mostly board books for him because at his stage they are easy to handle. But then there are a few paperbacks. On most occasions I am able to protect them, but then in his eagerness to explore the books he often tends to get rough. I have tried talking to him through it,  saying that a book feels hurt when torn and that we are friends and we should love our books. I am not sure it is working! A significant part of raising a reader bis to instill in him a love and respect for his books. I am not making any headway in that direction yet!

SOS! Anyone who can help me?


2 thoughts on “Book Love

  1. I had to be strict with Z when it came to books :). She has so many so it was obvious I had to teach her how to treat them right. She treats them as her possessions now. Besides hubby & me are voracious readers and love out books.

    It was a long process and you’ve made me think 🙂

    I told her books also get hurt like we do… and her obvious answer was … Really mamma?

    I told her … Books will get ‘hoo’ if we scribbled on them, turn their pages, draw on them, leave icecream/juice marks, paint, throw them on the ground, do keep them on bookshelf (these were things she used to do).

    Now I actually have a chart where she gets a gold star for taking care of her books & a black sad face for anything bad she has done. It worked for me. 🙂

    • Yes, reward & punishment is new for us now. But like I said, the way you can’t raise a reader in a day…you cannot expect him to fall in love with books in a day. Thanks for your tips…will keep you posted.

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