Looking for Momspiration!

Like most other nights, our pillow talk last night was about V. The father of the child asked, “When does V start studying?” Don’t get him wrong. He is the last soul on the planet who will push his ‘about-to-turn-two’ son into academics. His concern was purely out of ignorance, because he knows little about this whole pre-school, nursery business. “But he is learning na? See how he has picked up numbers himself?” I said. “Oh yes, I love what you are doing with him! You are making learning so much fun and you are doing it in so many ways!”

I tucked the boy tighter and said softly, “Thank You!”

So what am I doing really? I picked up these ‘pipe cleaners’ from the local craft store recently. Last month at the book fair I picked up a whole lot of books, one being about learning numbers with Pooh. I put the two things together and created a whole new game for him where we formed numbers and played with it.


The father of course has never heard of pipe cleaners. He also didn’t how they can be used to make numbers a fun game for our son. Or alphabets. Or crafts. Or art. You see, he doesn’t go looking for ‘Momspiration’!


Oh, it’s totally my own creation. The word, that is, so don’t go searching for it in a dictionary. I use this term to describe some awesome resourceful moms I follow (almost stalk) for daily inspiration. I call it stalking, because I follow them virtually in every online space possible – blogs, to FB, to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+!

These are amazing moms from around the globe who are constantly tinkering with children, education, creativity, play and imagination. These are mothers who make childhood and motherhood so much fun!

Head over to Parentous to read the rest of the post. 


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