When Baba Was A Little Boy… (The One About the Big Fish)

I feel I am a terrible story teller. Ask me to write one, I may dare scribble something readable, but ask me tell you a story, I completely mess it up! Grrr…so after learning how to croon thanks to the endless lullabies V is subjected to each night, I am seriously considering to learn how to tell a tale. Yes…I am contemplating undergoing a story telling workshop now. 🙂

Anyways, this post is not as much about story telling  as much as it is about story writing. It’s been two nights in a row that I started telling stories to V. Not stories that we read and I tell him again. But stories that I have made up. Stories that are borrowed from real life incidents and adapted for Baby V. I am happy to note that on both nights, I could pin him down to close his eyes and listen to the story patiently. And by the time I finished the it, little V was gently snoring.

So here I am sharing my first story. My first story that I wrote for V. 🙂

Baba & baby


When Baba was a little boy he loved to eat fish.

Each morning, Thammi would pick out a nice, big piece for Baba to eat at lunch.

Baba would play, bathe and wait for his lunch. “Mumma, I am hungry.  Can I have my lunch?” He would ask.

From the kitchen Thammi would tell Baba, “Yes, Picku…I’m coming! Your lunch is ready!”

A big, juicy piece of fish would be on his plate every day. Steaming hot and deliciously yummy!

 Baba would go chomp, chomp, chomp, eating his fish with great delight.

One day after lunch, Baba was washing his hands and mouth when he thought of something.  He went to Thammi and said, “Mumma, I am a big boy. From tomorrow I want to eat a big fish. I want to grow up faster!”

Thammi smiled at Baba and said, “Why don’t you go and buy your own fish Picku? Go with Baba to the market and you can buy any fish you like!”

Baba’s eyes lit up!

“Really Mumma? Can I really go and buy my own fish?”  Baba asked.

“Yes, my darling! It’s time for you to sleep now.  Why don’t you take a nap now? When you wake up we can talk about which fish you want to buy?” Thammi said and picked by Baba to put him to sleep.

Baba lay down on his cot and closed his eyes. And then he dreamed of all the lovely fish he would see in the market.


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