On-board The Mommyship

…that’s what the blog is called. Just in case you haven’t noticed!

Someone very recently asked me, “Is mommyship even a word?” Now as someone who can become quite a grammar Nazi at times, I rolled my eyes and said, “No, it isn’t. I made it up you see!”

“But it’s incorrect…grammatically?”

“Umm…if I can create a baby, then maybe I am creative enough to conceive a new word for it!”

I had won the argument!


Onboard the Mommyship 2


Daughter, sister, wife and now mother…having lived through four of the major roles in life, I can safely say that this is the mother of all relationships! No other relationship tests you as much and with such greater intensity and regularity as motherhood. I like to imagine motherhood to be like sailing on a ship. You know, the one that tests you through the choppy waters of everyday challenges. There are the occasional icebergs of gigantic tantrums. And on some rare days, you can sit on the sun-kissed deck, put your feet up, read your book in peace thinking that parenting can also be a breeze.

So there…that’s the story behind the title of the ship.

There was another argument sometime back. How can a person be defined as a mother? I mean, you can be a doctor, a lawyer, an activist, social media evangelist, brand manager, television producer, but how can you describe yourself as a mother? Isn’t it all so tacky? So, a Rituparna Ghosh and only be a Rituparna Ghosh and not VeesMother. Being the latter, or rather being known as the latter appatently dilutes my personality.

I don’t think a mother can dilute her personality. It is the one relationship that takes center stage (no matter how much she dislikes it) right from the moment it begins.  And it becomes a life long fixation thereafter. It is for me too. My life has turned topsy-turvy and there have been several near shipwreck moments. The moments of doubt and elation continue, but despite all of it, I realise that I enjoy being a mother.

I may play different roles in my life, but I think this Nirupa Roy act keeps me happy the most. Nirupa Roy minus the tears and drama, mind you!  

As I turn a year older, I stop to assess my life. Do I look at motherhood as a tag? Is it the most defining aspect of my personality? Does it worry me that people may think of me?

Whatever be the answer, I don’t care. All I know is that I am my truest and most honest as a mother. If that makes me a better person, then motherhood is good for me.


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