The Nanny Diaries

It’s 10 in the morning and I race to finish my breakfast. I’m late for work and there are several things lined up for the day. Time is running out and I make a scurry for the door. I shut the door to the gym room that is doubling up as my study these days and plug in the laptop. I settle down to work for the day.

Among the sounds of hawkers, horns and construction workers opposite the road my concentration is broken by V running around the house. Behind him is his nanny who is chasing him to sit down for his own breakfast.

I wait to hear if she’s caught him and if a battle has begun to get him to sit on his chair. No audible sounds of protest and I know everything is peaceful on the home front. I go back to my work. And then I hear her, “Look at Bonny! He is chasing a butterfly!” She’s reading from V’s book of Baby Animal Farm series. V loves all books in the series and I can almost picture him on the other side of the door… attentive, reading and munching his breakfast. He mumbles something and she says, ” yes, look he has lost his way in the forest.”

I smile. It’s time to really switch off and dive into work. I let Radha Didi read out to my son. And no, it doesn’t bother me that she is unlettered and is following the pictures to tell the story in the book!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. To begin with I wanted to write it on my blog, but went against it. I decided to write about it here. This is where I must share my experience.

I looked back at my posts only to realise that my status as a ‘working mom’ is on top of my mind all the time. Well, I have only returned to work and it’s obvious that this new status consumes my existence all day long! What has made my life simpler is that I leave V to a nanny who is really the centre of our home now. Today Radha Didi is not just V’s nanny, she is a housekeeper, a confidante and a family member to my husband, V and me.

But there is a back-story to how I got this incredible child carer. Last year I had a disastrous brush with a placement agency and I gave vent to it on my blog. Blogadda picked it up as a Tangy Tuesday post and made it really popular.

What began as a desperate search for a nanny, ended up in a prayer being answered in the form of Radha Didi. I don’t want this post to be about her and what makes her awesome. But I would like this to be a guide to finding a nanny.

This post was originally written for Parentous. You can read it here.



2 thoughts on “The Nanny Diaries

  1. Nice post, all your pointers are extremely relevant, practical, easy to follow tips for all parents out there looking for prospective nannies for their precious lil ones.

    Am happy that Radha Didi worked out well for you 😀

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