The Yummy Mummy Syndrome

1:30 is an unusual time for us to be awake. Well, yes, since V has learnt to sleep through the night. He rarely gets up now but it was different yesterday. He hadn’t slept at all! All he wanted was me to sing him one lullaby after another, while he pretended to sleep!

But that wasn’t all. He wouldn’t let me tie my hair. He would insist that I let it loose. He would also pull out of my glasses.


Well, hell yes!

V has his own preferences as long as his mother is concerned. He likes me wearing a large bindi as opposed to the tiny dotted variety. If he sees me with a small bindi he pulls it off. I rarely wear dresses, but when I do wear one, he blushes more than me! I also have a feeling he doesn’t like me in sarees. He likes me to wear danglers, so that he can play with his little fingers. I am not the kind to wear one’s hair loose. The heat and sweat bother me. I am the good girl, non-messy look types. But my son insists I keep my hair loose and flutter it around. And really, that’s too much to ask of me!



With V turning two in the next two months, I have cause to worry. I am not a ‘model mom’. Neither I am fashionable, nor am I thin and fit enough like some of the other moms today. Well yes, I am plum and obese! While my expanding girth and obscene levels of unfitness worry me. What worries me more is that I may have a tough time being a ‘yummy mummy’!

You will find the rest of this post on Parentous



2 thoughts on “The Yummy Mummy Syndrome

  1. I liked this post on Parentous and liked it here a little better with the wonderful picture and the video as well.

    • Thanks Jairam! Notice the picture closely…I had to put up one that is photogenic enough :p I would have liked Parentous to put a link to the video, strange they didn’t do it.

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