The Camp Diary

Last week V completed a month long summer camp at Maple Bear. He moved from being a 20 month old toddler to a month older and was one of the youngest in the class. I can’t say about him, but I definitely learnt a lot of things and grew up as a parent in the last one month.

Don’t get me wrong. I am the last one in the world who will push her child towards academics and look at ‘teaching’ him just when he has barely learnt to say a few words. Much of my family cringed at the thought of sending him to ‘school’. But I was clear in my head…I wanted V to go and spend ‘quality time’ with other kids. And by default, with me!

Getting back to work has been a struggle. Not for me, but for our relationship. Over the past few months I have seen V grow from a happy child to an irritable, angstsy toddler with visible signs of anger. In an earlier post I had mentioned that I considered these to be ‘teenage’ symptoms and so began a process of diverting his attention and energy towards positive results. The summer camp was one such distraction.

A month long ritual of going to ‘play’, mother, son and nanny, we had a joint activity that we looked forward to five days a week. In the process, were broken a few misconceptions, many lessons learnt and some friends earned. Not to forget the ideas that I came back with!


 2013-06-15 22.48.07

2013-06-16 09.50.33


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