My Recipe to Handle Toddler Tantrums

It’s the precursor to the ‘Terrible Twos’ – the stage that we as parents have been dreading all along. With V however, the signs of the TTs (Terrible Twos) came in earlier than we imagined… as soon as he turned 18 months.

I don’t know how many of my readers here have toddlers, but Sirisha in an earlier post wrote of the ways she handles toddler tantrums.

After all, when you are 19 ‘months’ you still qualify as a teenager!

Much to our horror, we discovered that V had turned violent. In his quest to assert his independence, he was, what I called it, “Going through teenage angst”. After all, when you are 19 ‘months’ you still qualify as a teenager!So tempers were flying every now and then. Deny him something that he wants and he would start hitting his own head with his hand, pinch himself on the cheek and screech at the loudest decibel… enough signs to get us worried.

By and by he learnt the fine nuance of self-defence. So if the kicks and slaps didn’t work then some head banging followed and when everything failed, he discovered that he has grown enough teeth to bite! Phew! Much of this experiment has been with us… his nanny and me.

I soon realised that V was more patient with kids of his age.

Worried as much as I have been, I started looking up for ways to divert his mind and anger! I enrolled him into a summer camp. What better way to utilise nervous energy than spend it playing. I knew we had the risk of him venting his anger at other kids, but I soon realised that V was more patient with kids of his age. He would steer clear of the aggressive kids and play solo (which is a normal thing to do) and if someone wanted a toy that he was busy with, he would just cry. In the last one month I have not seen V retaliate and hurt another kid.

But has that affected his tantrums? I like to think that it has. He is growing more tolerant and I have learnt more ways to divert his mind. More so, I have learnt a few things about tantrums…

Read the rest of the post at Parentous.


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