Mother’s Special!

One of my favourite documentaries on NGC is Great MigrationsBesides being one of the NGC’s best documentaries ever giving a unique dimension to the world of animals, I like the series because of one part in particular.

Race to Survive chronicles the journey of zebras. During the course of the journey, a mother zebra dies. Her young baby refuses to move on without his mother. Until then, the film shows how the male species does on indulge in parenting. It is only when the mother dies, does the father understand the baby zebra will need more than just a push to carry on.

What makes a mother a mother? What binds a mother and a child in this inexplicable bond? What makes a child look up to his/her mother more than anyone in this world?

Reams of studies, analysis and psychoanalysis has tried to explain this. But really, ask a mother to describe her love for her child and chances are that she will tell you that her world revolves around her child. Mine does too. Every waking moment of my life and even in those precious moments when I get some sleep V is on top of my mind.

Some describe motherhood as a responsibility. A former colleague on BBM once asked me how much does a baby change a woman’s life. I remember telling her that there are two births. With a child is born a mother. A new person, who you didn’t know existed. Her fears were natural.

Does one’s relationship with the husband change? What kind of responsibilities set in? What if a mother is unable to deliver? What if she is unable to give up her life for her child?

How many of you relate to these questions?


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