Walking A Tight Rope

Being a parent is one thing. Being a mother is quite another!

Just when I was dealing with separation pangs and anxieties with going back to work, V decided to fall ill. Over the last several weeks, my boy has grown to be irritable, clingy and nagging. V was none of these. What’s significant is that he exhibits such traits only when  I am home and before him. At times when I am out of home, and therefore out of sight he is known to play happily. The sight of Maa does something to him.

Juggling career and baby is tough and for all those who are doing it longer than me, I have a dilemma that I am facing.

How do you handle the two C’s in your life? 

How do you handle both – a demanding career and child? 

How do you tell your child that ‘Mommy needs to work’? 

How do you tell you boss that you need to be next to your sick child? 

How does one affect the other? 

I vented my dilemma at Parentous. Tell me what do you think!


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