Let’s go for a drive!

So Mommy’s car has gone for servicing and the little man keeping up with his custom of going for a drive / walk in the morning insisted that we go out. It’s another thing that he howled from the balcony when I went down to talk to the driver who came to pick up the car. Standing with his nanny, V saw the driver take ‘Mumma’s Gaadi’ away. But then he wants to go on a drive now!!

“Go, get one of your cars…Mumma’s car has gone baby. How can we go on a drive now?” I say.

The little man walks towards his toys. He sifts through them and pulls out the biggest car he has in his garage.

With one hand he picks up the car and with his other hand he takes me to the door. He asks me to open the door and points to the stairs leading down to the road.

V is convinced that he can lend Mommy his car. After all, she’ll take him for drive na!

Well…I have to give it to the man’s sense of imagination and innovation!

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