Salman Khan, Then & Now

While I have been away and absent from my own blog, I started contributing to a parenting blog started by BlogAdda. Over the past several months, I have been posting on Parentous thrice a month. I really enjoy writing for them. And I realised that parenting is such a great bonding platform.

Over the next few posts, I will re-post some of my blogs for Parentous.

V has a strange affinity for the histrionics of a certain Mr Salman Khan. So much so that his obvious fascination for all things Salman was adorable to us. Now however, it has started to worry me a little.

It’s nearly 12 in the night and there isn’t an iota of sleep in him. He narrows his eye, flashes his dimple, tilts his head to the left, and raises his hands over his head to swing to the song. His Appa, for the nth time that night sings “Pandeyji Seeti” from Dabangg 2.

Cut to a flashback

A newly pregnant woman waits for her turn at the GP. Next door is a pediatrician with a long queue of parents waiting with their impatient kids. The pregnant woman sits next to a couple with two boys, almost of identical ages that one would mistake them to be twins.

“Are they twins?” the pregnant woman asks the mother brightly.

“Oh no! They aren’t! They were born 15 months apart…,” she says trying to restrain one of the boys from getting of the chair.

The boy however has his way. He jumps of and says with a flourish, “Bhedi Singh, hum tumme itne ched karenge ki…”

All of 4, this was the younger of the two. While the older stayed close to his mother and eyed his sibling curiously, the object of our attention went into a shadow fight with an imaginary ‘Bhedi Singh’!

Read the rest of the post at Parentous and don’t forget to leave a comment!



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