Gabbar – Thakur and The Legend of Sholay

Wasn’t it Gabbar who said “…yahan se pachaas meel door jab gaon mein koi bachcha rota hai to uski maa bolti hai, ‘so jaa varna Gabbar aa jayega?”

When Salim-Javed wrote this, they didn’t know that kids will cry even 37 years later…

What started as a little game is now our favourite sport with V. Just as we dare say another very famous line from the same film V pouts with anguish. And our buttercup has our hearts melting. 

V is a child of very few tears, so its a real surprise that he cries every time anyone says this dialogue! I’ve translated the dialogue to English, sung it like a rhyme and a talked like a baby, but every single time he has pouted! 

Once when the film played for the nth time on Zee Cinema, increased the TV volume to an insane level, just when the scene arrived.V was perplexed! Why has his dad suddenly turned deaf? 

I am secretly convinced that he was Thakur in his past life! Poor man, he lost his hands in his past life and here we are after his hands again…I have decided to call nickname him Thakur for now 🙂 

This is a serious infringement of the copyright act…Mr Sippy would be a very angry man. Let’s hope the writers are a little amused and little V when he grows up has his sense of humour in place to pardon me for putting this up! 

This video was taken when V was 6 months old…turns 9 months today!! 

Love you Thakur…Ooops! Son…

VID_00015-20120324-0909.3GP Watch on Posterous


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