Happy 6 months Son!

He smiles every time Mom sings him “Good Morning”

Shies and hides his face when she says “I love you, Betu”

Gurgles in delight when his Dad picks him up

Tugs at his hair as he squeals and chuckles

Daddy’s boy

That’s our son!

His toys always find their way into his mouth

Sometimes his hand, towel and his mom’s hand are juicy

He loves his rice and lentils

Vegetables too are yummy

And so are banana and grapes

A little messy

A little impatient

He has the makings of a foodie

He believes in power naps

But fools sleep late

Twisting, turning and rolling over

Nappy times are harrowing times

Out come the nursery rhymes

He loves his Mom’s books

Perhaps a page or two would taste great

Dad says he’ll be a bookworm like his Mom

She is happy and smiles inside

He loves his bath

The tub is his playground

His floating ducks his playmates

Splash! Splash! Splash!

He rubs his feet

Brings them to the surface

Tries to drink the bath water

He knows its time to sit up

Time to crawl ahead

A little by little every day

He drags a little

Pulls himself a little

He is cheered

He is cuddled

Showered kisses

Hugged tight

His hair is growing too


Covering the pate

He still makes faces

Wrinkles his nose

Flashes his dimples

And pouts

He eyes his Dad’s Ipad

Wants to hold his BlackBerry

Mom has a laptop

He taps on it with his toe

He tugs at his  Dad’s sleeve

When he wants to play

And when sleepy

He looks at his Mommy

When he isn’t happy

Little by little

With each passing day

He fills our hearts

And our lives

With unconditional love

Being a parent

Is the happiest job

Watching a child grow

Is God’s greatest blessing

Thank You Baby

Thank You God


4 thoughts on “Happy 6 months Son!

  1. Absolutely heavenly ! Love the simplicity and the earnesty in your poem ! His smile is so innocent and contagious…its difficult to not notice the tremendous love he has been showered with in the past 6 months. God Bless Vihaan and his lovely parents…may this unconditional love just keep growing with time….lotza luv n hugs 2 Vihaan & u 🙂

    • Thanks Aashita! Yes, his smile is the one thing that I can do anything for! It really lifts up my spirits. He’s a very precious baby, like I am sure every child is to his/her parents and we are doing our best to keep him happy. 🙂

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