Happy Milestones

At the verge of 4 months, Vihaan has crossed quite a few milestones. Ideally, each of them should have had a special post dedicated to them but poor Mommy despite all her noble intentions has both her hands full of Vihaan! It's hardly an excuse…but then…really, I've been very very busy…

Vihaan's First Smile
Our midnight sessions (read: feeds) is a time of uninterrupted bonding. Tummy full, while changing his diaper and some serious eye to eye contact later, I'd tell Vihaan about all that his Dad and I'd talk during the day. Mostly about our son. Aniruddha in October had left behind a month old son who barely communicated. And while Vihaan grew up before his both sets of grandparents, I always felt bad that his Dad missed seeing his infant son grow up a little every day. On my part, I'd send him countless pictures and updates about V. This is in that way was a scoop that I chanced upon! This video, taken minutes before the dawn of 18th November 2011 is the first time Vihaan smiled…in fact laughed! Vihaan was two days shy of his 2nd month birthday. 

Watching TV! 
Now this is something that we chanced upon on 25th November when his Mama sat him up on his lap to watch a game of golf. Little did I know that Vihaan would soon grow up to the most avid fan of Chikni Chameli! The paranoid mom in me is trying to do away with this habit!  

Learning to sit up (with support)
On 2nd December 2011, we bought a Jhoomar for Vihaan. His baby cot was not there, so we put it up on a string that was tied above our bed. I propped up Vihaan on the pillows for the first time…and the boy after that refused to lay down again! His favourite position now is the 'sit up' 😀

Turn Over
This one is the big one! On the morning of 31st December 2011, as Vihaan was dressing up for the last morning of the year, he decided to turn on his tummy! Unassisted, and in one clean attempt he turned over his right shoulder. Poor thing couldn't keep his head up straight. This heroic attempt was followed claps and cheers from his Dad, Grandpa and Granny. 

 P.S: He has also learnt to hold his own bottle, but I am not putting up that picture yet! 🙂 

Vihaan’s smile.3GP
Watch on Posterous


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