The Reactions…A Mixed Bag!

How the world reacts to the news of your pregnancy, says a lot about what they think of you! Well, I can’t say that I’d like this to be good in all cases, but I hope it does hold true at least in some! Without taking a lot many names, here are my favorites!

My Dad: Aniruddha and I decided to tell him first. It was about 11:30 at night when we made the call…the poor man must have been sleeping, but call from the ‘bachcha party’ at that hour was enough to raise the alarm in his head!! I don’t blame the man for reacting as he did…after a brief 5 second pause he exclaimed, “Well done…keep it up!” Considering he said this to Aniruddha…I was worried! :p

My Father-in-Law: The next call was to the other dad…now being a doctor has its own pitfalls…and news such as this at the dead of night jolted him out of his slumber too! So when. Aniruddha reported his bit, his father after what seemed a 10 second pause asked, “Are you sure??” The son who is now graduating to be a father, took great offence and replied, “What do you mean??” This father-son confusion thankfully soon passed!

The Boss: Before I got married, I told my Boss that I am planning to…hoping it would gently push the point that I need a better take home!! This time too, the first person who came to my mind almost immediately as my family was my Boss! I had to tell him…the moment I had gone over the Q & A session in my head, I knew I had to slow down…at least I made a mental note of it, in red bold letters! And the only man who would allow that would be my Boss! So, I carefully selected a day…1st March. A day after the budget, he was in a super mood and I walked into his cubicle (that happens to be bang opposite my desk) and peeped in. “You’ve got something to tell me?” he asked punching on his BB. Half in, half out of his glass cubicle I said, “Just wanted to know when are you back? Wanted 2 minutes of your time.” I always ask for 2 minutes, no matter how important the conversation. “Tell me, we can talk now”, he replied. Okay, that sounded very pleasant…and I blurted out…”I’m expecting a baby boss…just wanted to tell you!” He looked up. He smiled. Went back to his BB, and said, “Congrats Ritu! This is the best place to have a baby! I hope you are taking care of yourself?? Go slow, eat well…rest enough! I’m very happy for you!” I almost fainted…!

Not all reactions warrant a back story…so here are some quick ones…each of them are equally special to me.

Sister-in-law: “I thought you guys would take longer to settle down!”

Colleague 1: “What did Boss say?”

Friend 1: “You’re bluffing…!”

Colleague 2: “Aren’t you scared?”

Friend 2: “Awww! You must speak to my sister-in-law for tips!”

Maid 1: “Is the baby due next month? The bump is huge!”

Friend 1 (again): “Does the Baby fart in the womb?”

(Curious Cat) School Friend on FB: “Is there a good news for which I should congratulate you?”

Colleague 3: “What’ll happen to us?? I’m scared!!”

Ex-Colleague 1: “This will change your life forever!”

Maid 2: “Didi, you’ll have a boy!”

Friend 3: “Do you know X is pregnant too?”

Ex-colleague 2: “Please take it easy…!”

Almost forgotten friend from school: “I hope you are going for your doc check ups every month?”

Junior Colleague: “Please eat chocolates!”

Friend 3: “Don’t eat chocolates and ghee! It’s a pain losing all that weight!”

Friend 4: “Have you thought of names? Please don’t combine your own names to make something funny!”

Friend’s boyfriend: “This is going to be one heck of a good looking kid!”

Friend 2’s sister-in-law to Friend 2: “Ritu will make a great mom!”

The reactions are still pouring in…the advice, the experiences and colorful comments are all very special…waiting for some more to come in! I am planning to give away awards soon…so if you have an innovative comment, pitch in!

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4 thoughts on “The Reactions…A Mixed Bag!

  1. Hey Ritu Congratulations! I reached to your blog through some comments..and loved reading every bit of it…and specially loved your father in law’s reaction…Take care…

  2. Hey Ritu!!! Congrats!!! Didnt know ya… till i stumbled across this via ur new blog 🙂 I have jus one piece of advice – stop being a workaholic now and enjoy every minute of the pregnancy 🙂 much love!!!

  3. Hahaha!!! Why do you think I changed the title and address of my earlier blog?? 😀 I’m a much saner person now and guess what, I’m in love with myself now! :pSent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

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