Bumpy Rides

There’s something reassuring about a baby bump. I mean it’s comforting to see your body generate its own tell tale sign that ‘look there is someone inside’! The reassurance is of course doubly endorsed when that little ‘someone’ kicks up a storm…

Yes, the baby bump is finally visible now…and little Googly has upped the histrionics! Googly, I am convinced has a life of her/his own…moments of intense activity, followed by a lull that tells me it’s sleep time. Googly loves late nights, there have been quite a few nights when the little monster inside has kicked me out of my dreams! Can you imagine that?? Those tiny feet are strong enough to kick me awake! Early mornings too seem to be a regular…so no more lazying in the bed…no more 5 minutes that I so adore…Googly wakes me up almost every day now. There have also been times when Googly has been an active participant in conversations…most definitely are those that has her/him as the subject. It’s like Googly can hear us and wants me to know. But what I cherish the most are moments when there is a soft nudge from inside, when I am undecided about a particular decision, when I am not talking but thinking…times when I am alone…in my car, at my desk in office…in my bed waiting for sleep to overcome me…even when I am reading and my wanders into thought clouds. There is a little someone from inside who softly nudges me, telling me I am not alone in my thoughts.

What can I say…about moments of true connection! Googly knows me, my voice, my moods and I like to fancy, even my thoughts! On days when I am super busy at work or home, there is a calm inside! Those are what I call days when I even forget being pregnant! Perhaps my constant moving, or the sound of my voice tells Googly that Mom is busy…and just when I settle down, comes a touch that tells me she/he has been with me through it all. It’s in moments like these that I believe truly that this is a miracle…my own miracle…!    

Googly, I also believe suffers from serious attention-seeking-syndrome! So, in the middle of the day comes a strong punch that screams for attention…the moment I place my hand on my belly, there is calm again! The moment I take away my hand, comes another punch! Aniruddha has been at the recieving end of all of this…poor Dad has been ‘craving’ to play with Googly, but the little tornado shows no sign of connection! Dad’s been extremely patient…very loving with his words…but Googly has shown no reverance to his father’s love! One day, poor Aniruddha woefully added, “I haven’t spoken to your belly as much in all my life as I do now!!” 

But then we did fool the little one…one afternoon when we were all home and I dozed off while reading, Googly stirred…I waited for 3 definite moves and then mimed to Aniruddha. I placed his hand lightly on my belly and there came 2 knocks from within! 

Years ago, when I was a little kid and enjoyed the uninterrupted company of my parents I was a fussy sleeper! I demanded 2 stories and 2 songs from each parent and until that was over I wouldn’t let either budge from my bedside. So while they toiled each night, I on most nights pretended to fall asleep. So the moment they’d move and finish dinner, I’d slowly crawl down from the bed and tiptoe my way to their elbows at the table! Once again would begin the whole exercise of putting me to bed…!! On one such night, when my parents put me to bed and I played the charade of being in deep sleep, they spoke to each other… “When little kids sleep don’t their toes and fingers move?” And with all the intelligence of a 3 year old, I’d let my fingers and toes dance to their ploy!!

I did the same with Googly that afternoon…being a mother comes with its own lessons!! 

P.S: Didn’t I tell you Googly can read my thoughts…the little one has been punching me all along this post! 🙂  


5 thoughts on “Bumpy Rides

  1. I almost had tears welled up reading through this blog. I became nostalgic. Pihu and I had a difficult patch during my pregnancy. A lot was happening and we both withstood those times, together. I too had many such quiet moments with Pihu and some lovely experiences. It is the most beautiful phase.. enjoy it 🙂

  2. 🙂 Well what can i say ?? every word made me read with a smile and a prayer that we are all waiting for googly to take its own time and meet us !! God bless you guys !

  3. @ Swati…are you on the same boat?? 🙂 @ Sonika – I can totally relate to you! The baby and me share a very special bond now and its growing everyday. Since I wrote this post, I have noticed that Googly now responds to my touch…! :)@ Sulagna – Thanks darling…there are a lot many people waiting for the Big Debut!

  4. yeppie.:D My one keeps rolling inside with frequent punches. Infact i get punched when I eat and when i don’t eat. Did you experience late night hunger-pangs?

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