The 5-Year Plan

One of the most popular posts so far in the journal is the Q &A, the very second post when I started off. And it isn't a surprise that starting from Aniruddha to all the future moms with whom I have shared this journal, readers loved every word of it! It's normal to be scared of the 'B' word…and the questions in my case are truly universal. Picking up from a chat with a friend this morning, really, it isn't a surprise that having a baby for most is synonymous with leaving one's life behind…it's the end of all adventures. The baby becomes the epicenter of the mother's life and she is lost in the sea of motherhood for the rest of her living years…!

I won't lie here, because I have promised to be brutally honest in this journal. I nursed the same fear. And I would be a blatant lie if I were to say that I have overcome it by now! Yes…as the bulge grows, with every tiny kick I am reminded of a responsibility that I am about to embark upon. I am reminded that indeed my time table would shift. I am reminded that no matter how urgent I have to answer Googly's demands before anyone else's. I am reminded and gently nudged into the realization that there would be several things that Googly will want me for…things that I cannot share…that I cannot complain of…that I cannot refuse! Yes, my life will be forever attached to Googly… 

This isn't a case of false bravado…I am not questioning all the positive answers I gave in my previous  Q & A session, so I am listing out a few promises that I am making to myself today. 10 things that I always wanted to do…that which I won't abandon and that which I will complete before Googly turns 5! 

10. Learn to play an instrument. I have always fancied the violin. I am told it is tough…let's see! 

9. Learn to cook at least 1 exotic cuisine. Is Greek food any good? 

8. Pick up a sport. I have always fancied tennis. Is 30 too old? 

7. Have a special rack on Classic Victorian Literature on the book shelf. 

6. Learn Bengali – to read and write! 

5. Buy myself a DSLR and make at least one photography trip out of town! 

4. Educate a needy child.

3. Sustain my writing. I love to…I hope to find a wider readership. 

2. Be a published writer. 

1. Be self-employed. 

When I started taking home a salary, I had a 5 year plan all set in place. A list of 'to-do' things before I reach 30. Some of them have come true…having a baby was 10th on the list!

I will be happy to make a longer list this time around. Looking for ideas…and some kind words of encouragement! So feel free to pitch in…

2 thoughts on “The 5-Year Plan

  1. @ Sonal – don’t worry…I won’t be! If 5 years is too tough…I’ll add another 5 happily to it! Let’s say, this is the beginning of the bucket list! 🙂

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