Testing the waters…

So, I’ve made the news public. And this journal opened up to a wide audience. So all of you who have been here before and are (hopefully) returning for the second round, thank you…you are special since you were handpicked to read my thoughts! I hope you get what you were looking for…

The response so far has been great. After all, I am talking about a universal experience, at least for the been-there-done-that kindda mommies, this is something that they’d relate to. Some have even regretfully accepted, “Why didn’t I think of this?” I know, why didn’t you?? When I discovered the pea inside, I was bouncing with joy…and then was all over the world wide web looking for journals of these kinds. And yes, there are many all over the place…but ironically not one Indian! Given the size of the Indian population, it was a little hard for me to believe that not one Indian mommy thought of sharing her pregnancy and her journey towards motherhood in the public domain?? I mean…there is never a dearth of stories that women seem to have in their kitty…more so all things related to pregnancy, but no one…no one thought of writing a journal? I didn’t expect women from my mother’s generation to rekindle their preggy days and write a blog! But there were a lot many I thought would have been more open! I am hoping some of my recently ‘mummied’ friends wrote secretly…and I wasn’t on their mailing list!! 

To me 2010 was the year of the babies…I saw so many being born over the past one year that if someone was to scrutinize my Facebook activity, it would trend towards the photo albums of my friends…baby pictures…there were a bunch of adorable munchikins that debuted last year and I was busy ‘liking’ and commenting on each of them! Closer home, my sister-in-law delieverd a baby girl…who I fell in love with the moment I set eyes on her…while I was all tempted to write about my experience in a birthing room for the first time (yes, I have been inside…when my little neice was born!), my story telling was limited to the word of mouth. I am in that way convinced that ‘Googly’ came unnanounced because mine was a case of positive hormones! I wasn’t thinking about a baby…but maybe the invisible nuts and bolts in my body was working its mechanics for a creation of its own!

Coming back to the point, one of the main reasons why I started this journal is to really make my experience public! The good, the bad, the ugly…the highs and the lows…the smiles and the tears of this incredible journey that I have set upon. So while the journal (yes, I am not calling it a blog…its a jinxed word as far as my writing goes) is called ‘the full nine months’, I hope to make it last…last till Googly is born, grows up and reads everything for herself / himself! So far, the happily married friends (mostly women) are cooing at what I have written…some of my devlish friends (and the oldest that I have in the world) are thinking of equally devlish names for Googly…some on Facebook (looking at the comments that are making their way to my page) are trying not to be inquisitive cats…some have said I write well, well, what can I say, except that its coming from the heart…and some others have already given me the certificate of being a competent mother! I like it…in fact I am loving all of it…in due course there will be more posts…baby Googly is just about making those first teeny-weeny movements inside the tummy. I have been the only one feeling them for now…surprisingly when Dad talks to Googly and asks for a sign, there is nothing…looks like the punches are reserved for Mum, at least as of now! 

Perhaps for the first time in my life, I am really living in the moment…enjoying everyday…breathing right…forgetting the wrinkles on my forehead…and smiling from within! I think, this is the best me I have seen in a long long time! To all those women who missed this incredible recording of memories…take cue for the next time! And all those who haven’t stepped unto the bus as yet…wait for your stop…your positive hormones may be at work already! *wink, wink*


On the roll again!

I see the last time I posted here was in March! Now I remember that this was to be a memoir of what happened in all the full nine months…but looks like I have already skipped 2 of the most happening months in this phase! No, I didn’t forget the project, and neither was I overcome by lethargy (which is mostly the case when it comes to my blogging experience)…its just that I have been honestly very, very busy!

So what have you missed? Hmmm…let’s see…for starters the completion of the first trimester! The first three moments, the world knows are the most difficult…and also the most risky! While I was constantly told be extra precautious, I was also asked to hold on to the news until I completed the first leg of the pregnancy. But then, a woman gotta do that she ought to! I couldn’t hold on to the news for too long…not out of excitement but for the sheer ease of letting people know why am I little different! After all I was no longer the maniac workaholic that I was until a few weeks back!! So what changed? A lot of things…timely exits from work for starters! I am taking work and all matters related to it with equal earnestness, what’s changed is that I no longer let it linger on my mind! I carry a heavy dose of it home though coz that’s how I can be at my own space, relax and work at the same time…but I don’t let it haunt me! For someone like me its very similar to cutting off the umblical cord that exists between me and my office…and like the mother child relationship, this doesn’t change anything! I stay close to office about 7 kms away…and to ferry me for this mighty distance, hubby darling has got me a driver! He insists that we (baby and me) and can be spared the trouble of driving…now I love being behind the wheel and am a fussy car owner, so this little extravagance really pinches me sometimes! But what I really love of course is that we have a new cook too! It was again Aniruddha’s search that got us a really good one…its been nearly 2 months now and we’re loving her culinary skills!

By now, I am mid way into my term…at 20 weeks, ‘Googly’ is growing up perfectly. Yes, we call the bun ‘Googly’, christened after the World Cup victory of course! But more so because we were struck by a googly ourselves! 😉 I’ve had a couple of photo sessions in which Googly posed beautifully…its really a wonder to see the tiny-weeny hands and feet move! The biggest take away of course is that I am no longer scared of heartbeats…Googly’s rhythm is music to my ears…

There’s a lot that’s happening now…and I am waiting for the tiny flutterings to get louder and stronger! For once…I’m loving the butterflies in my stomach…

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