Tell me your dreams!

Heard about dreams during pregnancy?? If you haven’t, take a look at the following link!

Mine are of a different league all together! Almost every night for the past one week I have been dreaming these really crazy funny dreams…mostly about real people in bizarre funny situations! And really they do not correspond with any of the dreams described above! What’s funnier is that even while I am watching the dream I make a mental note of sharing this with Aniruddha in the morning or writing about it in the blog! But by morning, like with most other dreams they are wiped clean from my waking memory!

But there is one that I remember…and though I saw it a week back, I narrated it to Aniruddha this morning and he started laughing from the first line…

Here it goes: 

Aniruddha and I have been invited for a book launch. It’s day time and outdoors, the weather is nice and nippy but  it’s difficult to describe the location. From what I remember, there is a lawn that overlooks the sea below! I am wearing a nice summery dress and Aniruddha casuals. We look pretty much the same as we do now, so I can’t guess the timeline of this dream…is it set in our past, present or future? Anyways, moving on…we take our seats not knowing who is the author and what is the book that is to be launched! In fact we also have a brief discussion about why are we there? And for some strange reason and highly ironical, Aniruddha is the one who wants to be there! While we are musing on who could the author possibly be, on comes to the stage, Laalit Modi!! We look around and people there seem to react as if they knew the author all along! Anyways, Laalit with his usual lisp gives out a speech that people raise their sophisticated wine glasses to. I don’t remember a word of his entire speech, but what I do remember is that he had a simple non-cricketing question for his audience…whosoever answered it would get a free autographed copy of his book. By then I guessed that it was his autobiography! But I really can’t confirm that! Don’t ask me what was his question, coz it’s futile…but guess who answered that question?? Husband darling!! And Laalit as promised called him to the stage and gave him the first copy! I beamed with pride and clapped the loudest!

The real twist in the tale comes in next…after the ceremonial signing of copies Aniruddha and I walked up to him to speak to him. Laalit and Aniruddha spoke at length about cricket, after which the former turned his attention towards me. We shook our hands and then I happened to remind him of the many times we exchanged messages last year before the whole IPL saga broke out! Now this is the only piece of the dream that is 100 % fact! Laalit Modi and I were really in touch with each other for a particular show called BIO that I was working on! We almost began shooting the week the IPL drama broke out and after which Laalit was at the eye of the storm! After which, we of course haven’t been in touch! Anyways…at the mention of that show and the name of my news channel, Laalit swiftly pulled out a gun from his neatly ironed coat and shoved it at my face! “Step back…step back!” that’s all he said and both Aniruddha and I really stepped back! And then, for the first time in the dream I noticed that the media was not invited at the do! No wonder…for a man who is absconding from his own country, he doesn’t want unwarranted attention! By the way, all this reasoning was post waking up!! Going back to the dream, I was so chuffed at Laalit that I asked Aniruddha to return the book to him…”We don’t need your book!!” was all that I said! Aniruddha of course held the book close to him as if this is the last book in the world that he will ever read! I snatched it from him and threw it up in the air…and with that I opened my eyes!!



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