Attention Please!

As a child, at least till I turned into my teens my birthday was the most special day of the year! There was all too much fuss around me and I felt at the top of the world! New clothes, shoes, fancy chocolates, a grand birthday party, a humungous birthday cake brought from Flurry’s and loads of gifts…as I grew older birthdays were fun…but became just another excuse to throw a party and dance to some silly Vengaboys number atop a water tank on my terrace! Gifts mattered little, the short skirts a lot! 

My wedding was a grand, grand affair! For one who is completely opposed to fanfare and ceremonious weddings, it was quite ironical that I enjoyed every minute of the 5 day tamasha! Sleep on time, look pretty, fuss about food, what to wear etc etc…was like I was the heroine of a film and the story was being weaved around me! In fact the run up to the marriage was fun too…and like a drama queen, though I was hugely sentimental about being married / officially ‘tied’ to Aniruddha…I was a tad too sad that it was all over! The spot light stayed on the newly weds for a bit…but that too waned away! A year later as we celebrated our first anniversary of being wedded, I asked, “Do we still qualify as newly married?” Aniruddha looked at me and said, “Does it matter?” 

It’s all about attention you see…of being the cynosure of my family’s attention! To be the one around whom everyone’s life moves! Now call me selfish, I have enjoyed every bit of it…I look at it as a pleasant break from all the running around that I do in my daily life! Who doesn’t like to me pampered? I’ve realised pregnancy has brought the spot light back on me! It’s like everyone has found a new purpose in life…to take care of me! The first person being the ‘father of the child’! Aniruddha has sommersaulted his life around me…his blackberry messenger has suddenly started working, and either he pings me five times a day or calls me! For one who called me his ‘bada beta’ (elder son!), this is a huge transformation! And really, while I am basking in all this husbandly – fatherly affection, I am totally loving it! 

Next up the mothers in my life…the first one to see me as a new born, even before my mom was Mimi (my mother’s younger sister)! As I learnt to speak I tried to copy my neighbour call his mom ‘mummy’ and it became Mimi for Mimi! She’s the one credited with all the firsts in my life and a lot, lot more…from laying down my first wholesome meal, to handling me during my first menses, to teaching me how to eat roti, to being my closest pal through the years…I was the first child in the family who made her an aunt and we share the closest relationship ever! Mimi, even now is the first one to see me pregnant…so while she has graciously taken up the maternal role in my family now, she is doing that which she does best! She’s cooking up the world’s most amazing meals for me as I have for now retired from my own kitchen! Half of my first trimester has been spent with her…and I cannot thank her enough for doing all that she is!

Next up, my mother in law will come and stay with us…and then my mother! All when my pregnancy moves into the 2nd and 3rd trimesters…the attention is good…all good! 



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