The 1st Craving!

It’s strange what motherhood can do to you! This random play of emotions in a would-be mother’s body is quite like puberty! It’s a confusing state of mind that takes you by surprise, tosses you in the air and settles you down with a ruffled hair style! No, I am not talking about the infamous ‘mood swings’…though I by nature may be more vulnerable to raging hormones and erratic mood swings, I am happy to note as of today that they have not set in…and I really hope they don’t visit me ever!! C’mon who likes a grouchy me? 

In fact this is about something more exciting…that which I have not experienced in a while now, ever since I went on a marathon weight loss regime! CRAVING…the desire to taste a certain food…a desire that excites every sense in your body, your sense of taste being the most dominant! It’s nothing less than a sudden burst of uncontrollable desire to eat a particular food item…and nothing else in the world eaten in its place can satiate you! In my case it was the gooyey, ultra soft, deliciously tantalising, sugary, syrupy and utterly delightful…rasgullas!  So intense was the craving and the urge to put a delicately warmed, fresh rasgulla in my mouth that I had to step out of work, drive to the closest market, head for the ATM (yes, I didn’t have the money to satiate my instant craving), walk another 50 steps to the sweet shop that I had never visited before and buy myself the only sweet that would pacify that burning desire in my soul! 

For people who know me well…you know how weird this sounds! I, and mishti!! But since this was my very first craving…it was special…very special! 



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