That’s what I thought when I first discovered I am pregnant! We hadn’t been planning…I mean we had planned it for next year, since we wanted a late 2012 baby…but then is it this easy to get bumped without even ‘trying’ for it??!! C’mon…we haven’t been even living together for the past two months!! With wheels on our heels, Aniruddha and I have been zipping in and out of town for a while now! And without getting into details of our ‘private’ lives here, all I can really say that we haven’t been really really working too hard!!

I’ve heard of too many tales of couples in their 30’s trying for a baby…and to be honest I was ready to be one of them, and not just because I was battling my mother’s concern of having a late baby, but because I knew I didn’t have the healthiest body to conceive without a lot many hits! So hit and trial is what I was mentally prepared for…! So you can imagine my shock and disbelief when I discovered the double lines in the home pregnancy kit! I was anyways too sleepy in the morning, but those two distinct lines really woke me up! Next up, was a phone call that I had to make…to the father of my child and break him the news!

The father was on his way to work…and until then I was trying to control my breathing and sound normal, my heart was jumping a beat to hear the voice on the other end! And the reaction was just the same… “hmm…how??” Thank God, for an understanding husband…a doubting Thomas would have asked for a DNA test! The next step was to go for a doc’s check up…just to make sure that we weren’t getting worked up for nothing! An USG confirmed a 5week + pregnancy and both of us again did our math! We decided to keep it to ourselves for a while…but that ‘while’ wasn’t too long!


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